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When is an EPC required? 

If you are selling, renting or constructing a building, then in most circumstances you will need an EPC which can only be provided by an Accredited Domestic or Commercial Energy Assessor. 


What is an EPC?

An EPC shows an energy rating from A to G, where A is best. EPC's are based upon the building characteristics and Commercial EPCs are accompanied by a report which includes recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency. EPCs are valid for 10 years. Only accredited Energy Assessors can provide a EPCs. Sustineo's Assessors are Accredited by  Sterling Accreditation for commercial EPC's to Level 4 and by Stroma Certification for EPCs for new and existing domestic dwellings.


What is a Display Energy Certificate?

Public buildings in England and Wales over 250m2 must display a Display Energy Certificate which is designed to promote improvements in the energy performance of buildings. The rating is based upon actual energy usage. A Display Energy Certificate is valid for one year for buildings over 1,000m2 and for 10 years for buildings over 250m2 and is accompanied by an Advisory Report. The report is designed to help building occupiers improve energy efficiency so that a future Display Energy Certificate shows a better rating. Only accredited Commercial Energy Assessors can provide a Display Energy Certificate.  Sustineo are Accredited by  Sterling Accreditation for Display Energy Certificates.

What are MEES?

MEES stands for Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and are applicable to both commercial and residential lettings.  In general terms buildings with an EPC rating of F or G cannot be let without improvements to the energy efficiency of the building being undertaken resulting in an improvement to the EPC rating to grade E of better. There are some circumstances in which it is possible to obtain an exemption from these rules.  Sustineo can provide taylored advice on how to achieve an E rating or to seek an exemption.

What are SBEM Calculations?

SBEM Calculations use the same computer model as commercial EPCs and are usually required for new commercial buildings at the design stage to demonstrate that the building will meet the energy efficiency standards set out in the current Building Regulations.  Sustineo can provide SBEM calculations and the associated BRUKL documents.

What are SAP Calculations?

SAP Calculations are required for all new dwellings and conversions to dwellings prior to first occupation.  They are also required for some extensions to existing domestic properties.

What are U Value Calculations

U Value calculations are needed to demonstrate how energy efficient building elements are.  They are used in the calculation of both commercial and domestic EPCs although Energy Assessors will usually use the software default U values in existing buildings, based on the age of the property, unless documentary evidence to the contrary exists.


What are Land Registry Compliant Floor Plans?

The Land Registry require new lease plans to comply with certain requirements.  Sustineo is able to provide plans which will satisfy these Land Registry requirements at a very reasonable price.

How can Sustineo help?

We will take care of all your Energy Assessment and Floor Plan requirements. Call Sustineo now.

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