MEES: Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 (henceforth “the Regulations”) are designed to tackle the very least energy efficient properties in England and Wales – those rated F or G on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). These properties waste energy – not only contributing to the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, but also an unnecessary cost on business and the wider economy. The Regulations establish a minimum standard for both domestic and non-domestic privately rented property.

Effective dates

1st April 2016 – Domestic tenants can request energy efficiency improvements to properties and reasonable requests cannot be refused.

1st April 2018 – All privately rented buildings where new leases are granted or are renewed must have an EPC with an ‘E’ rating or above. Domestic and non-domestic Exclusions apply.

1st April 2020 – All privately rented domestic buildings must have an EPC with a rating of ‘E’ or above. Exclusions apply.

1st April 2023 – All privately rented non-domestic buildings must have a n EPC with a rating of ‘E’ or above. Exclusions apply.

How can Sustineo help?

We can provide tailored guidance on how to achieve to meet your MEES obligations and can assist in registering an Exemption where appropriate.